Banila Co - The Basest Base + Primer Blending Review

Have you guys ever heard Banila Co? It's a korean fashion & beauty brand by F & F Fashion Company. Today i'll be reviewing one of their products,

The Basest (Base + Primer) SPF 30 PA++ Whitening & Anti Wrinkle

It has 4 types with different colors, mine is Blending (green)

I bought it in Korea for KRW 25000 / around USD 25

netto: 30ml

One of the functions of this cream is to neutralize skin's color. I heard green is a good option if you have some redness on face, so yeah i choose green :D

The texture isn't sticky but feels moist on skin. Honestly, too moist on my skin. This cream made my skin more oily after few hours of usage together with BB Cream. It's probably due to Indonesia's hot yet humid climate. FYI, my skin type is normal with oily combination on T-zone.

The Basest blended

LEFT: The Basest + BB Cream       RIGHT: BB Cream only

without flash

with flash

Can you see the difference? As promised, The Basest really do the job to moisture, whiten and adjust skin tone. The skin look brighter with The Basest, either you use BB Cream or not.

Will I repurchase? NO.
It's a good base + primer indeed, sadly it doesn't suit the climate on two-seasons country like Indonesia T.T

So for u girls with dry skin type, or currently living in a four-season country, i can say The Basest is one of good option. Just don't wear it on summer, Lol! See u on my next post